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Tutor In A Box vs Private Tutoring

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?! Check out our infographic which compares Tutor In A Box against private tutoring.

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tutor in a box

First of its kind.

We’re empowering students to learn on their own terms. 

Private tuition isn’t always accessible, affordable or convenient for everyone, but Tutor In A Box provides a flexible, fun and targeted method of studying to support better grades for GCSE Maths students.

With this revolutionary revision box, students can enjoy a chosen topic that supports their learning in school, delivered straight to their door.

Specially created for GCSE Maths students in Years 9 – 11.

Suitable from as early as year 9 through to GCSE final year, Tutor In A Box can be used as a teaching aid or revision aid, providing students freedom to study wherever, whenever. 

  • Aligned with the national curriculum.
  • Suitable for both the foundation tier and higher tier.
  • Aimed at students hoping for a grade 4, 5 or 6. 
tutor in a box sophie

Designed by an Award-Winning Maths Tutor.

Included with each box is a virtual tutor session with Sophie, to help guide and support the month’s box contents and to answer questions.

Sophie Parker is an award-winning Maths tutor based in Warwickshire, and is the brains behind Tutor In A Box. Sophie saw a huge need for extra support for Maths students at GCSE level, but understood that private tuition may not always be the best solution. Hence, Tutor In A Box was born!

Who can benefit from Tutor In A Box?


Maths is not something you should do in a lesson then completely forget out of school, but instead what you learn in lessons should HELP you in everyday life. We want to give you the power to improve your maths, your grades and your future! And, dare we say it, even be able to ENJOY Maths!


Tutor In A Box also contains a hand-picked, entertaining and educational game to play with all the family. You’ll be developing your child’s maths ability and setting them up for future success, but they’ll be having so much fun they’ll forget they’re even learning!


Tutor In A Box supports the national curriculum, with each topic and explanations carefully aligned to ensure progress in line with the national standard, in conjunction with monthly online support from a maths tutor. With regular use, students will be more absorbed and more engaged.